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The brand


Animal-free and sustainable, with bold-coloured coats in long, brushed, frisé or shaved fur that retain the name of the animal fur and simulate – visually but especially to the touch – the real ones: they are animal-friendly fur, Alabama Muse’s furs.

The founder and creative director of the brand is Alice Gentilucci, an internationally renowned stylist, who boasts experience with the most important photographers in the world – Helmut Newton, Ellen Von Unwerth, Paolo Roversi and Peter Lindbergh, just to name a few – , has worked with celebrities of the calibre of Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani and Julianne Moore, and is the fashion editor of Vogue Italia, InStyle US and Vanity Fair.

Alabama Muse was born out of a dual passion, fur and respect for animals, “I wanted a fur but my love for animals prevailed over my vanity” says Alice, who made her own wish come true by creating a collection of animal-friendly furs using fur that isn’t real – but is identical to the real ones, in every respect.

To this is added her inclination both for music – which has meant that the brand, in style as well as in sound, has been affected by underground cross-contaminations that range from David Bowie to Blondie, from Mick Jagger to Tina Turner all the way to Miley Cyrus – and for cinema, in particular for the 90s cult film True Romance” and the rebellious and eccentric, free and fragile spirit of the protagonist Alabama Whitman, played by Patricia Arquette, from whom the brand derives its name.

The focus of the project are the iconic garments par excellence, fur coats, which become indispensable pieces of a conscious wardrobe: models with a unique and tailored style, created by craftsmen and finished with precious details, like intarsia and patchworks that combine different furs; they have colour-contrasting linings and internal suspenders that let you to carry them on your shoulders, like wings; they are warm, high-performing and absolutely on-trend. All hand-made by craftsmen in the area around Turin, each different from the other, they become the emblem of an accessible and conscious couture, eccentric and at the same time fun, with which to build a personal style that is outside the box and very rock, composed of colour, of layers, of models that explore different lengths and shapes but maintain a classic allure.

The Alabama Muse collection, available in over 30 models, is distributed worldwide by LA Distribuzione, a multilabel showroom based in Milan and Paris.


The mission


The furs of the Alabama Muse collection are made from Japanese modacrylic fibre which, by virtue of its characteristics and thanks to the presence of acrylonite in it (75%), creates a textile very similar to animal fur and is the most prized material not just for the creation of high-quality wigs but, due to its self-extinguishing properties, also for the creation of flame retardant technical clothing.

A material that is animal-friendly and above all sustainable in almost every way: the presence in it of recycled polyester and the use of vegetable dyes make this fibre the ideal texture on which to apply various treatments and different patterns of fur. Not to mention that acrylic fibre is sustainable to the extent that its production cycle has an impact on the environment 5 times less than that of wool, bearing in mind the damage done by animal husbandry.

The quality of the fibre is enhanced by its processing that uses a special technique, “warp knitting”, which thanks to a patented process prevents the fur from shedding and at the same time ensures soft and fluid coats, in every respect comparable to animal fur.


HOW CAN YOU LEAVE ME? – FW 2021/22 collection


The FW 2021/22 collection of animal-friendly fur made in Italy by Alice Gentilucci explores the vitality of its DNA and surrenders to the charm of new shades and refined avant-garde materials that resemble the real fur of the animals after which they are named but are not, because being sustainable simply means being cool.


Artisan sartorial techniques are used to produce the iconic outerwear. Details and finishes are luxurious, and the intarsia and patchwork of different furs and contrasting colors become a manifesto of style. Curly Mongolian lamb debuts with its rainbow soul created with different colors — white, purple, gray and red — and intarsia, and it is often mixed different furs and colors. It bursts out in the style dedicated to the Grace Joneses of the new millennium, where the purple fur blends with yellow kidassia on the cuffs, and in the gray Mongolian lamb parka toned down with gold kidassia inserts.


The unconventional animal print appears on the long lynx coat and on cheetah, which offers a new interpretation and adds a captivating touch to the coat with sweet sixteen collar. Black astrakhan is the star of the kimono coat, a genderless and seasonless must-have style. Black is also used in a patchwork motif (with mongolian lamb, kidassia, and goat) that explores vibrant volumes full of charm. Volumes follow and, in some cases, emphasize the silhouette, as in the striking white Mongolian lamb fur coat and stole that glamorously interpret the majesty of the British royal crown.


Coats and jackets with a rock party vibe are updated with intarsia and come in bold color combinations (like purple and yellow), while astrakhan and black Mongolian lamb capes are perfect for metropolitan parties. Jackets have wide lapels and a slim fit. The fur coat for the Kate Mosses of every latitude comes in bright red or flashy yellow, and there is also room for the long vest with wide seventies-style collar.


Starting this season, the wild heart of Alabama Muse is also expressed through accessories that complete the collection like an eccentric, stylish divertissement for urban Lolitas in search of fun and sophisticated rocker chicks. For them, there are collars big and small, eco-fur totes and stoles used to break up looks. Gloves are made of cheetah and vinyl or astrakhan and eco-leather. There are sailor-style hats in cheetah and black astrakhan, while winter hats are oversized and are decorated with pompoms.